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How to entrust concerned visa to do sth for sb does the orgnaization do sth for
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Before the applicant is applied, go to country (area) visa, it is an important matter in this life work. So, had better arrive personally by oneself halt China make (get) the house is dealt with. Such doing, be at ease already, will not be deceived again. If because the applicant is aged the action is disadvantageous, or because working strain is not taken off,wait for a reason, need entrusts concerned visa to do sth for sb the orgnaization does sth for sb the word of visa, must wait to the property of this orgnaization, credit, efficiency have adequate knowledge. Must not easily wait for information is specific of person or unit advertise, cursory decision entrusts them to do sth for sb. Otherwise, not only do inappropriate visa, can be deceived instead, light a lose time, lose certificate again, waste money.
Entrust concerned visa to do sth for sb the orgnaization does sth for sb visa, need to deal with by the following program:
(1) equipment is neat all certificate material (include him passport, photograph, id photocopy, via the notarial deed of attestation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and invitation letter, security identification and assure the) such as the proof;
(2) submits afore-mentioned data visa to do sth for sb orgnaization (oneself are handed over face to face or mail all but) ;
(The certificate fee with enough at the same time consign mixes 3) visa does sth for sb cost (retreat more fill less) ;
(4) is entrusted do sth for sb after the orgnaization does appropriate visa, the material such as the passport mail sends him.
Want applicant precatory to do sth for sb only the orgnaization is reliable, general metropolis gets visa inside formulary deadline. The profit that such doing, not only OK and economic applicant's many time and money, and appropriate visa can do inside proper time. But, if the applicant's material is not neat, or certificate is not complete, or enough without consign charge, natural also with respect to won't punctual visa doing appropriate.

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