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What makes apply visa by limits of consulate area under administration?
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Alleged consulate area under administration, it is the area that points to for consulate executive powers and authorities of office set. That is to say, every consulate can be in only administer in the area exercise powers and authorities of office, and this area defines according to the consular treaty of two countries.
Current, each country is stationed in China consulate has a few, have certain area under administration. Chinese citizen applies for to go to a certain country (area) visa, the area under one's jurisdiction getting a house that must determine by two countries is applied. If the United States is stationed in the area under administration of Shenyang consulate general,for Heilongjiang province, Jilin is saved and Liaoning is saved. The Chinese citizen of these 3 provinces applies for to go to American visa, must be stationed in Shenyang consulate general to deal with to the United States.

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