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Passenger ticket of domestic flight number is changed
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China International aviation: All passenger ticket are changed (contain change freely) all must deal with in CA business ministry, press otherwise violate compasses

Change as follows: 1. 8 fold to 9 fold or change; freely again collect fee of 5% change the date. 2. 75 fold to 6 fold can change; freely to be changed again collect fee of 10% change the date, 3. 55 fold the following and the following cabin seat or berth, change collection every time the cost of change the date of 20% .

Hainan aviation is changed: 1.8 fold contain above cabin seat or berth, before the airliner takes off can change freely. 2.75 fold contain the following cabin seat or berth, ; can be changed to change collection to 5% change are expended and be dealt with in HU business ministry again before taking off. Change after machine by accident must deal with in Hainan aviation business ministry. (1) total value (contain) above and children and baby are inside passenger ticket period of efficacy, can change the 5% change cost with.90-80 par discount freely, 75 fold contain the following cabin seat or berth to deduct par 10% change cost. Rise to all be dealt with cabin in Hainan aviation business ministry square but.

Sichuan aviation is changed: There is a circumstance to issue total value to contain above storehouse in coequal class cabin seat or berth before taking off, can change several times; After taking off, can change 1 times, change again close 5% , deal with in 3U. 60 fold (contain) above storehouse before taking off can change freely 2 times, by accident machine pass an imperial examination is changed 3 times, collect fee of 5% change the date, deal with.55 in 3U business ministry, 45 tuck up before flying can change freely, by accident machine pass an imperial examination is changed 2 times receive 10% change the date to expend and deal with in 3U business ministry; 40, 30 fold must not change 2 note: If do not have coequal class storehouse, press " rise a storehouse to be retreated completely " conduction 2 (the remarks of fare computation column in new make out an invoice " raise storehouse and v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money (former airline ticket) " , after original bill adds specification of the photocopy of new make out an invoice, circumstance and passenger sign one's name, fang Kequan retreats) the return a ticket after change: The time that should change each tries to compare, deduct cost of return a ticket by the closest from takeoff time

Shanghai aviation changes a regulation: 60 fold before containing above to take off, can change 1 times, change to be dealt with in FM again. 55 fold contain must not change below, formalities of filling price difference must be dealt with in FM. , the airliner that every airliner date is FM begin all presses FM regulation to carry out, among them FM8XXX airliner
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