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Of airline why to consign a Li Shiru freely to set?
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Line of line of * United States, Canada: Can consign freely two baggage and allow to carry a portable baggage. Consign baggage every
Weight does not exceed 32 kilograms, every the biggest 3 edges the sum does not exceed 158CM.
* other is all course: Can consign freely a baggage and allow to carry a portable baggage, the weight that consigns baggage is tourist class 20 kilograms, official cabin 30 kilograms, first-class stateroom cabin 40 kilograms.
* carries a portable baggage the greatest weight is 5 kilograms commonly, the biggest 113CM(of 3 edges the sum does not divide course) .
* is consigned reach carry baggage weight each airline may have exceptional case, the detail consults please the " of home page seizes the opportunity the " of " detailed circumstance in guideline " and price inquiry, or inquire to relevant airline directly.
* baby does not have free baggage forehead. The baggage that exceeds above bulk or weight should pay fee according to the regulation of airline.


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