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Meal tickets are not cheap and reasonable return
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Recently, the domestic civil aviation positive off-season, special fares flying. However, many passengers special fares can not be refunded for 改签 the "norm" a headache. It is understood that the reason why the airline ticket off of 4.5 fold below 改签 back door, is worried that if the flight load factor is too low, the next season is difficult to apply for flight to the route. Legal experts said the airlines to ensure passenger load factor to limit the special ticket back 改签 impersonal approach, the "King terms" the horse. Change the return time set aside tickets Last Tuesday, Miss Gu public business trip to Guangzhou from Shanghai, before leaving her Web site through a ticket agent booking a return ticket Hui Hu on Thursday. But on Thursday the day, the client side there is some sudden, needed her to stay one night, Miss Gu call the request of the airlines ticket now, customer service staff but was told: "you have reserved a special 3 discount tickets can not be handled according to regulations改签 back, if not take place, tickets will be forfeited. " "I discuss and customer service staff, as long as help me 改签 to Friday flights, how much money need to make up the difference, I would. But he insists that can not. Finally, I have wasted this ticket, go out and buy again Friday was a return ticket. "Miss Gu said she had time to book flights, the airline did not explicitly tell her only ticket to more than 4.5 fold back 改签, now is a special ticket discount to 3 vote on the grounds refused to Change a very unreasonable. Miss Gu question: "When booking, since who knows what will change in itinerary, Why would anyone not vote stood 3 fold set, specifically to provide 4.5 fold? Also, I am willing to pay the difference, the airlines do not allow 改签, too not a human. " Discount air ticket to return more than 4.5 改签 Recent domestic civil aviation in the off-season, and even the Beijing-Shanghai route has been very popular, there have been about 3.5-fold special votes, so that some people choose travel peak load shifting tasted the sweetness. However, in limiting the special flight privileges, almost all airlines have made a near-stringent requirements. For example, Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines provides 4.5 fold below shall not be altered tickets can not be endorsed ticket, refund will be charged 80% of face value refund fees; and China Southern is "blanket" to announce: all 4.5 tickets can not be folded back below the Meal passengers missed their flights, tickets will automatically be canceled. However, discount air tickets back in the treatment of high 改签 problems, airline was "tolerant" a lot. Many companies provide that passengers purchase more than 4.5 fold (with) tickets, just pay the difference, you can smooth 改签. Where to buy full price tickets economy class passengers, for Meal and signed unconditional transfer, even if the refund is also only pay the nominal fee of 5%. Special votes to ensure the load factor limit An airline insiders said the reason why the special fares airline closed the door back 改签, mainly to ensure that the off-season flight load factor. "Honestly, if the passenger is willing to change my ticket to pay the difference, in terms of cost airlines should not have too much loss. However, our airlines are facing a dilemma: If an airline load factor over a period of time Low, Singapore Airlines quarter, it is very difficult to re-apply to the civil aviation sector, where freedom rights. Therefore, in order to ensure that the load factor, the airline will launch in the off-season specials, and special ticket limit 改签 visitors back to ensure the routes to achieve a certain load factor requirements. "The source also said that although the sale of discounted airline tickets, it will require staff to be informed in advance of these provisions to the passengers, but many agencies in order to achieve sales targets more often not seriously implemented. "All airlines, Spring Airlines did the best in this regard." The parties, Spring Airlines ticket because they use a direct way, passengers in the store to purchase discounted tickets, the staff can not give visitors to sign an approved retirement Change a written agreement. "Airlines in the front of the ugly words, you can avoid many disputes after the fact." The provisions of the "King terms" suspect For the airlines this provision, the majority of respondents expressed difficulty in understanding visitor or unacceptable. A passenger said the airline to ensure that the load factor to the expense of the legitimate rights and interests of special votes at the expense of passengers, approach is very user friendly. There are travelers said airlines special fares back 改签 limit, in fact, vote to cut the corresponding low-cost services, can not fundamentally improve their competitiveness. Some legal experts also said that airlines discount tickets are harsh restrictions unfair competition. "China," Chinese civil aviation passengers, baggage rules for international transport, "Article 69 provides that a voluntary refund, deducted from the fare paid the appropriate fee, refund the balance." Civil Aviation of China Interim Measures for e-ticket "Article 19 the passenger asked to refund the ticket validity period. Both articles were not altered tickets to special retirement provisions of the votes listed separately, so airline passengers should not distinguish between special votes, otherwise there is 'terms of the King' is suspect. " Legal experts said the tickets online, even though there are signs that some sites may not return 改签 special fares, but "if you do not agree to the provisions of visitors, success can not be ordered, there is no room for negotiation options. Civil aviation sector as an aviation in charge of the company, should be resolved as soon as possible appropriate measures to protect the special needs of votes 改签 visitors back to avoid the recurrence of such disputes. "
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