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Recently, Spring Airlines Co., Ltd. media briefing held in Shenyang, the company introduced low-cost, low-cost airline business model and differentiated services situations. The company had been implemented from 2007, "no ability to service the passenger list" again sparked controversy, and as the number of Spring Airlines significant increase in online bookings, fake website, the emergence of cottage sites, while in the troubled Spring Airlines should also cause the majority of users attention. 99 series of special fares, special fares spike 9 yuan, 299 yuan Shenyang - Xi'an and from, 399 Shenyang - Chengdu, Spring Airlines flight from ... ... low price, pocketed the public eye, to the full consumer benefits. But sure to follow a special convention special offers and discounted tickets along with Spring Airlines is his repeated advocacy of "differentiated services." Differences in the details of these services, consumers should be fully informed before the purchase decision. As China is currently the only low-cost private airline Spring Airlines from its founding has been dedicated to reduce costs, try to remove non-essential services are one of the important practice, this and other full service airlines, the service better and more, growing in small business model are essentially different. Service with the usual practice of other airlines than the spring flight does not provide the services include: flight meals and drinks are not free of charge if the passenger needs, pay costs; passenger checked baggage and checked baggage does not exceed the total weight of 15kg, Excess Baggage, baggage volume not exceeding 20X30X40cm; both flights delayed or canceled for any reason, without any compensation and damages. The last one, the actual implementation process is more controversial one. From 2007 to date, Spring Airlines flight delay, cancellation by radical means, such as sit-ins, strikes by beating, scolding and service personnel, visitors claim to make trouble, were included in the Spring Airlines "temporarily unable to service the passenger list" . May 1, 2010 since the start of the Expo, to be included in the list of Spring Airlines has 12 flights of the 678 passengers, about the company during this period 0.02% of total visitors, of which about one-tenth of Shenyang travelers. The "no ability to service the passenger list", Spring Airlines spokesman Zhang Lei said that within three years of these visitors were temporarily unable to buy tickets Spring Airlines, but some of the visitors, I am requesting visitors, travelers and corporate awareness of the agreement of the case, you can withdraw from the list; the remaining passengers, three years after the exit from the list will be natural. The move of Spring Airlines, said some consumers to understand, but there are also firmly opposed to users. Expressed understanding of consumers believe: the right to choose the passengers, the airline also has options, low fares, service naturally less. Firmly opposed to the users are mainly that: a low-cost airline pricing strategy adopted, if the airline itself caused the flight delays, cancellations are not compensation for the loss of passengers terms of Overlord. It is reported that Spring Airlines differentiated service measures by the State Civil Aviation Administration approval. From a legal point of view, the legal profession are different views on these initiatives - both think that this legitimate, but also think that this is questionable. In accordance with Article 289 of China's Contract Law provides: "Public transport in the carrier may not refuse passengers, shippers usually reasonable transport requirements," but here "is usually reasonable" under different circumstances from different perspectives, people understanding differences. As a consumer, if the aircraft as a pure air transport, as such as by car, train like an ordinary traffic consumption, Spring Airlines and differentiated services to be better accepted. Meanwhile, as airlines, especially in the event of problems caused by their own flight delays, cancellations, they should be truthfully informed pacify the passengers, and ensure the interests of consumers first, it probably will eventually get the public understanding of airline, understanding the only magic weapon. Online booking saves time, effort, cheap, more and more users are welcome. According to Spring Airlines spokesman Zhang Lei, at present, Spring Airlines ticket online sales volume has accounted for 80% of the total, the network marketing has become important to its marketing. Online shopping activity, the cottage booking site, leave booking sites also follow. Some of these sites just fraud, but also some black agent, a small agency officials from the Spring and Autumn Airlines ticket online ordering low discount fares illegally, seek illegitimate interests. Although sales of these sites is not too great, but bad influence. The reason why the meeting consumers when these illegal sites, most search engines when searching through incorrect information has been - illegal website by methods such as the well-known PPC search engine marketing, through small price to pay in exchange for illegal profits, and the current search engine traffic by way of charging for higher views of genuine official website, the promotion cost is clearly higher than those of many of the illegal site, but economically viable. Although the national qualification examination on the website, online advertising in the brewing regulatory aspects, such as updating legislation and measures to better protect the legitimate interests of operators and consumers, but before the formal implementation of these measures, users purchase tickets or for other network online consumption, still have their own vigilance should first confirm before payment is genuine official website and that users carefully read the subscription agreement.
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