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November net purchase special fares to choose Trusted Platform
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November began, the Shanghai World Expo ended, the temperature to low, also entered the off-season tourist travel. Learned from the Taobao platform journalists traveling with the off-season ticket prices fall sharply, the number of routes out of Hong Kong, Guangzhou appeared cabbage price. Now travel by plane or even cheaper than the train. Taobao train ticket price is below It is understood that each of November are the traditional low season, a large diving ticket staged almost every year, the Shanghai World Expo this year has made such a tourist hot spot contrast, the more people feel "cool" fierce. Taobao platform, according to head of blowing snow trip introduced fly to Beijing Shanghai route, 10 months late, near the end of the occasion of the Expo, Beijing, Shanghai basically are flying off to the full price of between 9 and weekend ticket or even two days ahead of schedule all sold out. Taobao is now traveling through the book in advance, Beijing, Shanghai, the fare to fly only 460 yuan, down 4 fold level. With ticket prices great diving, and now travel by plane with the train, spending has almost the same, and some lines to fly even cheaper than the train. According to relevant data that travel from Guangzhou to Wuhan, soft seat motor car fare to 780 yuan, the entire process takes 3 hours 16 minutes. In Taobao, the ticket price is only 263 yuan, less than the train fare for 1 / 2, and the flight of time as long as 1 hour and 40 minutes. Take a train from Guangzhou to Changsha, soft seat is 532 yuan fare, full time to 2 hours 2 minutes, and Taobao, the advance booking tickets this weekend to Changsha, Guangzhou, as long as 263 yuan, 1 hour and 20 minutes can be reached, even if the increase on the fuel surcharge and airport construction fees, the cost to fly lower. Net purchase discount tickets to select the Trusted Platform Ticket prices can be flexible based on market supply and demand fluctuations, which is low season ticket may be cheaper than the train lies. Blowing Snow said, buy air tickets online to further strengthen this trend. Taobao platform of the travel mode of operation used, the current platform, both airlines Direct's flagship store, there are more than 200 front-line ticket agent, the seller of healthy competition so that different Taobao ticket prices generally lower than on the traditional tourist sites dozens of first hundred dollars, which helped further reduce passenger travel costs. The industry said that the current online booking has been accepted by many users. However, mixed types of online ticketing platform, users on the Internet to buy discounted tickets must pay attention to risk. "Nowadays, many users by searching for the way in some sort of travel booking website complete the booking. Some sites though prices are low, but also pay attention to fraud risk. Users should try to select the online booking and other reputable Taobao, with platform for qualified aviation agency, to protect their own financial security. "
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