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Zhengzhou Railway Station 12 million passengers on the train to send difficul
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Of rank or go out, yesterday was the Sixteenth day, it is suitable for the traditional day of travel, Zhengzhou train station to send passengers on 12 million people, the Spring Festival passenger flow this year, the highest refresh, the direction to the more difficult to get a ticket. However, Discount air tickets has been changed from "sporadic" to a wide range of discount airline tickets less than 18 4 fold. Intern reporter Zhang Yaping Wang Qiuju correspondent Zhangxue Fang Xie Jun Most passenger Japan to send 12 million record Yesterday, the Zhengzhou Railway Station usher in the second Festival passenger flow peak of 12 million passengers a day to send, once again set a record this year's Spring Festival passenger flow. Since the first month, sixth day since the Zhengzhou Railway Station passenger volume of 10 consecutive Days remain at 10 million people. According to the staff, as of 10:00, Zhengzhou Railway Station pre-sale tickets have more than 90,000 students and workers have become the main force in the absolute purchase. As passenger traffic surge, Zhengzhou Railway Station deployed 100 specialized weapons Police and more than 50 youth volunteers at each stop channel, waiting room, the site for visitors to provide advice, guidance services, to achieve visitors "Kuaijinkuaichu", also added Linke opened 57 times, including sending Linke 21 times, the direction of the main Is to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Hangzhou and other popular cities in the East and. Most tickets Twenty tickets were in short supply to the first month At present, Zhengzhou to Urumqi, Beijing, Fuzhou, Harbin, and other relatively tight direction ticket. Zhengzhou to Urumqi direction to ease the flow of visitors, tickets tight situation, managing, Zhengzhou Railway Station Gradually additional 1045, L27, and three trips to the figure given T197 Urumqi train. At the same time, T197 times a day also reduced the figure given two sections of the train baggage car, plus two sleeper cars hanging. According to expect this wave of peak passenger flow will continue to positive Twenty months or so. Yesterday, Zhengzhou, central bus station has also ushered in the last Spring Festival passenger flow peak of 4 million people are expected to send tourists, passenger flow peak will also be continued to twenty-first month or so. To facilitate the Southern, Central and Western members of the public and from the Zhengzhou Railway Station west exit of the train cars of the passenger ticket transfer, specialized central station west exit of the train station (Guangzhou Road and the rehabilitation of Front Street intersection) to establish a ticket Department, Where to buy the central station and the bus station in Zhengzhou City, all tickets for all flights.
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