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"Aviation " , " spaceflight " , the change of one word is double day
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"Aviation " and " spaceflight " although have the change of one word only, but differred however " weigh a day " . Aviation is to show the mankind uses the flight inside the aerosphere that the aircraft is engaged in to reach concerned activity. These aircrafts have be like balloon, aeroboat gently to wait to be like machine of ala of plane, helicopter, glider, umbrella to wait with overweight airy aircraft at airy aircraft, they won't fly from the earth. Spaceflight says again " interstellar voyage " , its aircraft calls deep space aircraft, wait like orbiter, spacecraft, space shuttle. "Spaceflight " with " aviation " congeneric high-tech industry, and have a lot of close again, be interlinked, the element of depend on each other, so China produces Shi Shangceng of industry division of labor both syncretic, call " ministry of industry of aerospace of People's Republic of China " , now in order to cancel this, held water respectively " head office of Chinese aviation industry " and " head office of Chinese spaceflight industry " .

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