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How does the driver land below the condition that treats not clear runway?
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When the plane lands, the driver should see clear runway, see clear runway in a few seconds of internal energy before ground connection at least. When control tower allows a plane to descend, the driver should fly to track instantly. In final phase entering the arena, be in namely into track termination 14.4 kilometers (9 miles) , 915 meters (3000 feet) on height, the plane enters appearance to land system (ILS) land limits of beam of control and guide. ILS system guides a driver to land through radio device, its glide beam and radio beacon catapult pointed out to the driver should retentive glide horn and track direction. Track on the extension line of two end, set a radio beacon respectively. Far be apart from guidance station to be set in be apart from track termination 8.5 kilometers (5 miles) place, the plane in the sky carries far, close guidance station in glide when, lamplight and acoustics signal are issued inside cockpit, make the driver knows the plane leaves the space of track. While beam guiding plane aims track, the driver observes the condition of track visibility carefully, prepare even up ground connection.

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