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Enter government going abroad
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Entering government going abroad is a country the administrative measure of shuttle of travel of place of pragmatic to discrepancy Wu and law administer, the government sector basis that main task is one country leaves the country to native citizen about law, enter a country and enter a country to the foreigner, pass through the territory of a country, resident, travel and leave the country undertake controlling, supervise. The end that discrepancy country manages, depend on prevent and checking activity of illegal discrepancy condition, maintain national security, ensure legitimate rights and interests of the citizen, the friendly communication between stimulative international.
Join the administration that go abroad, condition of responsible government inconsistency is examined and approve, issue passport, visa, port examination, resident wait with the punishment of illegal behavior and nationalization naturalization. This one orgnaization differs because of the country and name each different, some weighs an immigration office, some calls person country management board or discrepancy condition management board, some calls foreigner general affairs bureau or external affairs police station. Chinese citizen gives the administrative office that enter a country because of private affairs, the Public Security Department that is each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, bureau and management of the city that save administer and each county public security bureau or discrepancy condition are in, or discrepancy condition runs science department, accept by mechanism of public security of county, city commonly, provincial or the mechanism of city class public security of accredit is approval mechanism.

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