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Ban fluid in Qinghai civil aviaton of lift a ban of each subsidiary post office
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"Can liquid state article mail? " on October 27, xining citizen Liu Ya receives what the elder sister sends from Guangdong mail to make up some are surprised when water. "Still basically be below the premise that affirms safety just can mail liquid state article. " the staff member says Qinghai related postal company, from October begin first, "Ban fluid to make " lift a ban of each big subsidiary post office is saved in Qinghai.

This year on July 1, national post office is ensure the Olympic Games mails article is safe, allot in the whole nation prohibit mailing advice note of liquid state product. Subsequently, bureau of Chinese civil aviation also is made forbidden the announcement that carries liquid state article to board the plane. These prohibiting liquid state product mails, carry, the requirement that carry, be weighed for " ban fluid to make " .

It is reported, after lift a ban, of liquid state article mail the regulation has a part to adjust. Be in those who affirm liquid state product is safety, the cosmetic that former plant packs, medicines and chemical reagents, food can close send; Device of pulverous, Electromechanical, other liquid state kind the product should be shown through strict test and affirm safety is rear can close send, among them Electromechanical device must accomplish lead plane and batteries depart; Forbidden mail explode poisonously, harmfully, combustibly, easily, have radioactivity and unidentified liquid; Forbidden mail product of liquid apperception industry.

Loosen with subsidiary post office " ban fluid to make " different, civil aviaton respect still says to liquid state product " not " . The Zhou Wu on Liu Chunhai of citizen of Qinghai provincial capital goes by air Xian Yang, after civil aviaton installs check personnel microscope to be over, confiscated even toothpaste.

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