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Agitate of line of concentrated flight number heats up Wuhan aviation market
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) report of Liu Jun of reporter Dai Hui's reporter: Yesterday (26 days) case, civil aviaton executes wintry spring flight number, the company such as Na Hang, Dong Hang, Hai Hang is in in succession Chinese increase a flight number, commanding elevation of occupational and mid aerial.

Yesterday 15 when 50 minutes, 737-800 of a Boeing of Donghang Wuhan company plane from favour use airport rise high into the air and rise, fly to northerly Beijing. Two hours ago, another plane goes to Shanghai smoothly by favour Shi Fei. This is favour apply open Beijing Shanghai line first.

Boat Wuhan company introduces east, favour applying is " travel of culture of E Xisheng form is encircled " main area, travel is resourceful. So far, favour apply debut to wait for 6 course to Wuhan, Guangzhou, Yichang and Chongqing in all. After course of Shanghai going to Beijing is enlightened, from favour before applying, compare toward two ground time turn before confidential saves 2 hours of above, fare is OK also and managing 300 yuan of above.

This season of wintry spring boat added Na Hang newly Wuhan comes 3 inferior, the course such as Lanzhou. Dong Hang increases Wuhan to airliner of Tianjin, Taiyuan, Linyi, Lanzhou, add close " E Hu express " . Boat controller introduces south, this year a of airliner change garments according to the season important characteristic, it is the transport power investment that Na Hang continued to increase Wuhan market, provide enough transport power safeguard to give Wuhan, a large number of forces of boat Hubei branch assembles south the plane that outside be stationed in before, flies, recall in succession Wuhan be stationed. Current, boat Hubei company is in south transport power 20, total sortie falls to will achieve 24880 sortie since the plane, wuhan is daily and average leave a port the airliner will achieve 50.

A variety of evidence make clear, each are big airline already regarded Wuhan main strong point, and carry out this year " wintry spring airliner plans " more show accelerate advance "

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