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England Xisailuo the airport barge against of two planes nearly
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China Daily net is round-the-world and online message: On October 24, england airport nearly performs Xisailuo the tragic of two planes barge against, if again late 10 seconds, the about a hundred person on two planes may have life risk.

According to England " daily Post " reported on October 25, one act produces this adventruous in 24 days in the evening, the A321 of guest of one built on stilts of airline of German Han Sha with horary 120 miles speed per hour prepares to descend in Xisailuo on a runway of the airport, can be in 10 seconds before plane touchdown, air traffic control member realize suddenly " have risk " , because another plane just lands, had not left this track!

Be in this an imminent peril during, the plane that Han Sha airline carries 168 passengers this is urgent break down descends, the plane develops a sky again. According to a passenger memory says, the plane is about to descend in Xisailuo at that time the airport, abrupt air man lifts takeoff nose suddenly and fly up, crossed air man a little while to inform everybody says him must break down descends.

The traffic of British country aviation of responsible England air traffic control serves a company (NATS) express, the circumstance that plane break down descends is in Xisailuo the airport is very common. But have to the incident that descends in the break down inside so short time " much commonner " , NATS rejects a response.

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