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Director Li Jiaxiang attends Jiangsu the Huaihe River to install civil airport f
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This net dispatch: Jiangsu the Huaihe River installed civil airport 22 days to hold grand foundation stone laying ceremony. Xia Xinghua of director of management board of Hua Dong of Luo Zhijun of Liang Baohua of secretary of provincial Party committee of Jiangsu of Li Jiaxiang of director of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, the Communist Party of China, governor, civil aviaton, Guo Taiming of president of group of Taiwan grand sea on a special trip.

How is An Minhuai of the Huaihe River deceased premier Zhou En comes to China birthplace. The churchyard of Chen Shizhen of ripples water county that this airport is located in the Huaihe River to bring city northeast way, distance the Huaihe River installs downtown 22 kilometers, it is a country " 915 " one of airports of domestic branch line of the plan and construction.

The Huaihe River installs civil airport to be airport of civil branch line, the passenger flow that satisfies 400 thousand person-time according to the near future measures a design, design type is given priority to with model of series of B737, A320, the branch line plane such as D328 of give attention to two or morethings, CRJ200, ERJ145. The near future will build the station level ground of a 2004 meters long runway and 4 seat numbers, the boat station building of 4000 square metre, and establishment of of all kinds and public form a complete set. The plan always invests four hundred million and thirty-four thousand six hundred and thirty yuan. Predict to built be open to navigation or air traffic 2010.

Li Jiaxiang emphasizes in the speech, the Huaihe River brings the airport is party and the ligament that the government contacts masses, the project must hold to quality, system of safety responsibility, hold to innovation of science and technology, own innovation, hold to resource the concept of environmental protection of managing, green, absorb the successful experience that domestic airport builds extensively, respect expert of science, esteem, rich is collected numerous long, be brave in to innovate, initiate the new state that our country airport builds, new standard hard. Li Jiaxiang points out at the same time, the the Ministry of Communication regards the director of industry of transportation of the State Council as the branch, will cooperate closely with government of local Party committee, support airport construction with all one's strength, create good condition for airport construction jointly.

Construction the Huaihe River installs civil airport to be helpful for optimizing distribution of airport of civil aviaton of Hua Dong area, the development that aviation of branch line of area of stimulative North Jiangsu carries; Be helpful for perfecting the Huaihe River to install city integrated traffic to carry a system further; Be helpful for developing local tourism, raise rush to deal with an emergency to provide disaster relief with ability of national defence combat readiness; Be helpful for installing the Huaihe River city building to be radiation the central city of the North Jiangsu hinterland of 20 million population, to attracting foreign capital, enlarge open, play late dominant position, drive extroversion economy span type development has important sense. (Wang Jun)
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